Sunday, August 13, 2006

From Doreen

[moderator] posted on the Tzfat yahoogroup

I went out to the grocery store to buy a few items this morning. When I> got to the curb I saw army van after army van interspersed with army> police cars passing, one after the other. I had to wait quite a while> for them all to pass. They were traveling in the direction of the main> highway. At first I was positive about seeing them. I thought that a> "big fish" had been caught and that they were on their way to finish a> mission. When I got to the grocery store I asked the owner what the> procession was. He saw that there was a note of positivity in my face.> He looked at me squarely and said: "Coffins". I somehow managed to buy> what I had to, having gone into a state of shock. I returned home and I> told my husband what I had experienced. For the first time since the> beginning of the war; I broke down in hysterical tears. My husband came> over to me to comfort me. That picture doesn't leave me. I can't get> it out of my mind. I've been sleeping a good part of the day and I had a> rather long angina attack. The pain ran into my arm and my jaw even> though I am now on medications to stave off a heart attack. I can> stand the danger that I'm in, but I can't stand to think about the boys> and men that are dead, wounded and, especially, missing. Doreen>


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