Wednesday, August 09, 2006

David -- Livnot volunteer stupendous!

David M was a participant on 2 livnot programs, 176 and 179, and is now volunteering in Tzfat for Livnot's community service program.

By 1pm today we had 17 rocket hits in Tzfat. For most of them a lot of us were out driving about, getting food out and checking on people. I found another shelter that needs work on it for the people living down in it, mostly elderly and some Ethiopian families. There are no working toilets or lights.The last two days were quiet. When I asked a friend from the IDF Home Command to explain the not-really-a-cease-fire to me he said simply,"The calm before the storm," and gave a chuckle.He was right. Today the storm is rolling in. I want to stand on the balcony and swat at the rockets with my walking stick, the ol'lucky oak, slapping them as easily as I dispatch the mosquito's constantly irritating my sleep.I told an elderly woman today, when she asked me how much longer thewar would last, in a voice that came from me but carried information sourced from I don't know where, "A long time. It'll be a hard war but don't worry. We'll keep you safe." They believed me and thanked us deeply. I intend to make sure those words stay standing.In Tzfat, still alive. No worries, but smoking more than usual...(oh,yeah, I fell off the wagon here. *shrugs*


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