Monday, August 07, 2006

From Judy -- Tzfat volunteer

It was a terrible day yesterday w/all of the tragedy in kfar giladi and haifa and i don't know where else------ rockets, sirens....more soldiers in the hospital yesterday than i've seen before...I went out w/friend to survey who needs food of those who have no phone.
Brought toys to children in bomb shelter.
A friend of mine who is 83 said that she is scared. She survivied WW11 and that was no cure for her to feel relaxed about now. Another friend, 73, lives alone though surrounded by neighbors, needs to leave the area. Her nerves are shattered.
I'm at home after showering and grateful to have gotten through that because of concern that i'd be caught without my pants, so to speak if, a rocket decided to visit. A daily shower, early in the day becomes an ordeal because of the reason given.
We go through the day where time doesn't have the effect it used to; we walk in a semi-conscious state in order to get through the day. May Mashiach reveal himself now.
sounds of rockets as i write.
from israel, with love,


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