Saturday, August 05, 2006


[moderator] Doreen Bell Dotan lives in the Ofer neighborhood of Tzfat, in the south. She and her husband have chosen to stay in Tzfat during the war. This message was posted on the Tzfat yahoogroup.

I have a neighbor who lives next door to me in our 3-buildingbuilding complex.Whenever a bomb falls too close for comfort she calls me.Well, a bomb dropped on Shabbat afternoon right in front of herbuilding. It's the building in the Ofer neighborhood closest to thehospital. Another rocket in the same barrage fell behind my building.It's now awhile after Motze'i Shabbat. Dan and I just got back fromgoing to see where it fell. It landed smack dab in the middle of theroad that leads off the main highway towad the end of the buildingin the direction of the hospital. If it had been a weekday...They removed the shell and plugged the huge hole it left, apparentlytemporarily with what looks like plain dirt, until proper materialsare available. It happened, after all, on Shabbat and almost no oneis working.The rocket melted the asphalt upon impact and splatterings of moltenasphalt are on the road and elsewhere.It broke the edges of the concrete sidewalks on both sides of thestreet.A car that was parked on the side of the road was ignitedsympathetically and exploded. It's totally gutted.Windows shattered in my friends' building, I am told.A utility pole not more than 15 feet away was, miraculously, leftuntouched and intact.We did not see ball bearings strewn around. Perhaps this particularrocket was not loaded with them. Many rockets are packed with ballbearings.Compared to what could have happened we got away very lucky - yetagain.It was awful, but miracles abound. Anyone experiences this and doesnot believe in miracles is wholly unrealistic and in total denial.Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Ofer Neighborhood, Tzfat


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