Monday, August 07, 2006

Update from the Zatloffs

[moderator] this is another catch-up from last week

Dear friends and family, Another update your Zfat correspondents. The past two days have seen heavy barrages of miles all over the north. Nasralah (may the evil one drop dead) remembered us in Zfat as well. On Wednesday within an hour period the sirens went off often. One remarkable and obvious miracle happened in my neighborhood. Miriam had left on a taxi to a market to do some shopping with Meni. Soon upon arriving, electricity went off, and she called me on my cell phone. I was sick with fever and laying in bed when the sirens went off. I was on my way to the shelter, when I heard a large explosion which shook the area. The lights went out. I remained in our livingroom, which is a protective inner room with no windows. I left the apartment a while after the sirens stopped. The missile landed between a water tower and a synagogue but miracles of miracles it exploded inside a large metal container which the synagogoue used for storing plastic chairs and tables for events. The container was in flames inside but well contained. No one injured, some damages to windows and slats from window shutters only. An electricity cable was knocked down, but fixed and power soon restored. Neighborschecked up on each other. I checked up on an older neighbor who lives alone. She's in her eighties. She's a widow, lives alone with her two dogs, her son in Zfat passed away a while ago and she has a daughter in Jerusalem. She won't budge from her home. She came from Romania after WWII and she is determined not to flee from Nasrallah like they had to from Hitler. The rest of the day was quiet. I had high fever most of yesterday so since Wednesday I haven't been out delivering meals, but I hope to be back at it soon. Akivah is home for Shabbat and is still based in Nablus (Shechem). Yaacov had a friend visit over Tishab'Av. His friend is from Rosh Pina ( a small town 15 minutes from here) so he was used to the sirens, and my daughter is in Jerusalem now for a while. Next week we have a wedding in Herzlia, my cousin Avi is getting married and we'll be going down by hired van and driver, returning the same day. This isn't an easy existence, and chaos and lack of certainty abound. Our belief and trust in G-d is always being tested, and we try to increase meaning in our prayers, psalms and deeds. We're living on bodies which are pumped heavy with adreneline, so I started trying to work out again and to increase meditation as much as possible in order to pump out more calming and relaxing chemicals into my system. Hope all is well with everyone. Please pass on my e-mails to friends and family members whose addresses I don't have. Shabbat Shalom to everyone. Mashiach Now, Immediate Redemption !!!


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