Tuesday, August 08, 2006

from the Smolenskys -- the Canaan neighborhood

It wasn't even close to "Singin' in the Rain" with Gene Kelly, but it sounded wonderful anyway. A young father urged the children in the shelter next to our house to sing loudly in order to drown out the sounds of the rockets hitting Tzfat this afternoon (Monday). It reminded me of children drowning out the name of Haman when the Book of Esther is read during the holiday Purim. Haman was the wicked viceroy to King Ahasuerus of ancient Persia, (present day Iran). Haman plotted to destroy the Jews. Now, again, Iran is in the picture as it subsidizes the Hezbollah who are trying to eradicate the Jews in Israel.
Monday began with its usual uncertainty. The first sirens of the day began about 10:45 AM and some rockets hit Tzfat. We can't hear all of the explosions due to our position on one of several mountain tops that comprise the city. At 11:15 AM we decided to take advantage of what we thought was a lull and make a dash for the grocery store with Faga in the back seat. It seemed unreal to be grocery shopping with the reverberation in the store from our big guns streaming shells to Lebanon. Some shelves are getting a little sparse, particularly the dairy case. The meat counter is closed and there was practically no bread to buy.
A quick drive into the city to do an errand revealed that every store was closed. A pizza place, a bank, produce store and a money exchange place were open.
The pattern is some rockets in the morning and then again starting about 3:30 PM. It's a good idea to start cooking dinner early due to all the interruptions of sirens, etc.
The afternoon was busy with usual computer work for Lev U'Neshama. We are gratified with emails, prayers and donations from friends around in America and Canada. This week we are sending boxes of food to 36 families including some who are in shelters.
Yes, by 3:30 PM the sirens sounded. Some were very close and we decided to put pillows on the floor in our safe area to give ourselves added protection before the next round. Roxy and Tubby-cat like the new arrangement. Ramat Rezem, an Eastern neighborhood was hit hard this afternoon as was the Western part of the city. One tall building was damaged but no injuries because the residents were in shelters. Two residential buildings were hit in Me'or Chaim and fires billowed smoke into the humid, hot air of the afternoon. These buildings are in the path of rockets which are aimed toward hitting Siev Hospital. The Hezbollah have publicly stated that they will hit our hospitals, schools and old age homes. Patients in our hospital have been moved to lower floors and away from windows. Same for Rambam Hospital in Haifa.
Brave warriors, these Hezbollah. We fire at military targets including the hospital in Lebanon that had been turned into Hezbollah headquarters. But we are accused of attacking one of their "hospitals". How upside down is our world, as part of the prophesy of the Sages; Israel is attacked and WE are the aggressors.
It has become the routine during and after attacks to call friends who live in other parts of the city to check on their well being. It is with concern that we saw smoke rising from the other side of the city this afternoon. It is with concern that we hear and feel the sickening thud of rockets into the mountainside and wonder who got hit this time. We listen and wait and pray for the best.
Your prayers are so important; please continue for all of us.
Moshe and Yaffa


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