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Livnot Update

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Livnot Volunteers Featured in Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem Post: A Look at Volunteers in Tzfat
Kudos to the Chevre - Livnot Programs Continue

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Yahoo group on behalf of Michael Even-Esh Livnot Home Page LIVNOT EMERGENCY CAMPAIGN

Livnot continues to host volunteers and organize relief efforts from its Tzfat Campus. Shalom Friends, We would like to take this opportunity to update you on some of the events happening here at Livnot and in Tzfat. Firstly, our own Michael Even-Esh and his army unit have been called up to the war front. We pray for his safety and the safety of all of our soldiers. A Yahoo group was created by chevre to share thoughts and prayers. See the link on the left hand side of this newsletter. Secondly, Gabi Nachmani, Livnot's Jerusalem-based Director of the Community Service Program, has been helping with the group's volunteer efforts in Tzfat. He has a son of his own fighting in Lebanon and the Jerusalem Post has printed his first hand account of the activities of our volunteers. Finally, the recently launched Livnot Emergency Campaign has been met with tremendous response. We thank you all for your generous support. Wishing you a good week, Yonah David Livnot U'Lehibanot Jerusalem

Jerusalem Post: A Look at Volunteers in Tzfat
Livnot volunteers visit a wounded soldier in the Tzfat hospital.Thirteen volunteers went to the hospital for a visit. We called the officer in charge of the wounded soldiers in the hospital, and proceeded to make care packages for the soldiers. “Don’t put socks in the packages,” instructed the officer, “because one of the soldiers lost a leg, and it might be sensitive.” Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post story. [moderator]if this link is taken down by the JPost, look at this blog's Sunday August 6th posts].

Kudos to the Chevre - Livnot Programs Continue

Participants give each other support while giving blood at Magen David Adom.
On Wednesday, July 24th, fighting broke out on the northern border. This happened just as the participants from the Livnot Hike & Explore 3 week program were descending the Yehudia canyon in the Golan Heights. They did not hear the news until they finished the hike. While the program changed its itinerary to locate in Jerusalem and the south, the participant’s spirit and energy remained high. They added some extra community service including donating blood and preparing care packages for soldiers and families in the north. Livnot has continued its educational programming for Jewish leadership groups. A pilot program for Jewish Campus Service Corps Fellows, in conjunction with Hillel on campus, toured the country and participated in community service projects. The group was very motivated and is comprised of individuals who will be spending the next two years engaging young Jews on college campuses throughout North America. They left Israel very inspired and we look forward to hosting them again in quieter times. In addition, we are currently in the final days of our last birthright israel program of the summer. From 40 registrants, we were blessed with 11 intrepid souls. We incorporate as much community service into the program as we can, for the benefit of the soldiers and citizens of the north. The participants are finding their time here inspiring and their contributions very meaningful. The Ethiopian Bnai Mitzvah Project, which has been running since April, is coming to an end with the children receiving a meaningful celebration at this momentous time in their lives. Despite the attacks on Tzfat, family and friends from the Ethiopian immigrant community came to Jerusalem to celebrate the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs of their children. Next week, new groups of 30Somethings and Educators are arriving in Israel. While the group might be smaller than usual because of the situation, we anticipate that it will be a powerful experience, for them and for us. While it is often hard to focus on programming when surrounded by fighting and loss of life, Livnot will continue to help others and celebrate life. This is truly an expression of the strength of the Jewish People. May we all be blessed with Peace, speedily in our days. Meir Paltiel Director of Programs

We at Livnot are looking to share our stories with others. If you know of people who would like to be on our mailing list please send us their addresses. Kindly forward this link to your friends and family. Thank you,
The Livnot Family


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